ARIES Foundation

ARIES is a commons for all. For students, educators, entrepreneurs, professionals, activists, civilians, civil servants, investors, philanthropists – young and old.

ARIES Impact Platform

ARIES is a youth engagement platform for innovation, learning, collaboration, work, opportunity and impact on UN Sustainable Development Goals.

ARIES Discovery

ARIES is an advanced social education, innovation, discovery and action platform with technology and sustainable development organization framework.

What do young people want to achieve?

WORK. To love their work. To earn a living.
FRIENDS. To socialize.
MOBILITY. To travel.
FUN. To be entertained.
EDUCATION. To learn.
PROFESSION. To find a career.
HAPPINESS. To enjoy life.
MEANING. To find a place in the world.
PASSION. To find love. To share love.
KINDNESS. To help others.
IMPACT. Sustainable future.
FAIRNESS. Equitable society.

The Aligned Responsibility International Education Service™ (ARIES) is supported pro bono by impact investors in the eCAM Biomed Global Impact Fund with the eCAM Global Impact Plaza real estate operating platform by ECAM-R.